Drops - Learning a New Language, One Drop at a Time

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Learning a new language can be described as like solving a difficult puzzle - There are a lot of pieces around and you need to find them and put them in the right place in order to solve it. This daunting, and sometimes overwhelming, task can be quite discouraging and stressful at the beginning, but the more pieces you find, the more everything starts to come together.

The process of learning a completely new language can be either boring or fun, depending on the tools you're using. The bottom line is that if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. And this is where the app Drops comes in.
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Drops is a language learning app that makes the otherwise tedious learning process, fun and engaging while playing word games, which enriches your vocabulary in an effortless way. All this in bite-size sessions that have a minimum of 5 minutes a day for free, or any time you like if you go for the premium option.

The app features over 30 languages, of which I'm learning Japanese (the easiest of the bunch...), and the words are categorized by specially curated topics that range from Foods to Animals to Music to Sports, etc... Anything related to daily life, you will find represented here.
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The app's presentation is what really shines here and what makes it so immersive and fun. The design is simple and clean, but effective and practical. The topics are well organized and easy to access at a distance of a "swipe". Besides the main feature, you also have two other interesting features that you can access if you decide to go for the premium: the "Tough Word Dojo", to master those complicated words that are hard to memorize, and of course, all the words that you've already learned or at least appeared to you in previous sessions, can be accessed and reviewed in the "Collection", which features an illustration alongside its definition.
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The concept of Drops, which lends its name to the app itself is brilliant. New words drop from the top of the screen in a sort of bubble accompanied by an illustration that describes that word, and here you have two options: either drag down and drop it to learn it or drag up to skip it if you already know it - Simple as that! After this, you play several different short games to help you memorize that word until the next one drops. The games can be as simple as dragging the word to its corresponding definition to a "word search", where you have to connect all the right letters that form that word. Another game consists of choosing which of the two words (the left one or the right one) is the correct definition. Each game only lasts a couple of seconds, but that's enough to get your brain going.
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Closing Comments: While Drops is not a dictionary or a grammar book - and it's not trying to be one - it can be a truly helpful tool in complementing your studies. Whether you're taking a break from your classes or just brushing up your vocabulary, Drops will fill that need. In the end, with each new word you learn, you're getting that much closer to fluency. After all, learning a new language is like finding the ultimate key to decipher a previously coded message... And it's so deeply rewarding.

Availability: Drops is available on Android through the Google Play Store or on iOS through the App Store


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