Selling Some Puzzles (Updated)

Posted on Jul 9, 2022 by Gabriel | 0 comments

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Hello everyone.

I've decided to sell some puzzles from my collection. These are twisty puzzles and you can even find many of them reviewed here on my blog.

You can get the whole lot for €250 or choose a minimum of 3 puzzles. To avoid talking back and forth about offers, I've put a value on each puzzle (photo below), so the puzzles you choose will have a fixed price. If you're interested, contact me at: gabrielmpfernandes(@)gmail(.)com

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Please add €15 shipping costs to Europe (€25 for the rest of the world). Payment by PayPal.

Please be aware that if you're outside Europe, import fees may be charged by the customs in your country. I can't be responsible for these fees.

Puzzles with a red mark are no longer available.

Puzzles in the batch (in the order as they appear in the top photo):

Chess Puzzle / Rubik's Domino / TomZ Curvy Copter / Dioctipoid 2.0

Meffert's 3-D Creative Puzzle Ball / Rubik's World / Rainbow Masterball / K-Ball

Topola / Quarks / Meffert's Jade Pyraminx / Meffert's Jade Cube


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