Square Fusion

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Square Fusion is a creation of Roland Koch and was entered in the 24th IPP (International Puzzle Party) Design Competition, at the time by the name of Fusiun Dals Quadrats.

The puzzle is formed by five identical squares. Three of them are formed by four pieces, one by three pieces and another by five pieces, leaving you with five different brainteasers. 

The main goal is to make a bigger square (see 3rd picture below) with all of the five squares' pieces and then assemble all the squares back together in their box.You can make several squares with other dimensions as well.

I love the puzzle presentation, how the top and bottom covers have this elegant triangular shape and also the darker painted wood makes a very nice contrast with the lighter pieces. This is very important when you want to captivate a puzzle enthusiast's attention. It makes a great coffee table decorative item.

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