Varikon Box-2x2x2 - Random Pick #8

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This is the 8th Random Pick from My Collection.

This week, I picked the Varikon Box, invented by Csaba Postasy, Gabor Eszes and Miklos Zagoni in 1981.

The puzzle has 7 internal cubes and you move them by sliding one cube at a time to an empty space inside. This is accomplished by just tilting the box.

There are several color versions of this box size and other versions for the 3x3x3, as well. The 3x3x3 is closely related to other puzzles of the same type, like the Vadasz Cube or the Peter's Black Hole.

The 2x2x2 is a starter version for the larger one so, if you have both versions, start with the smaller to get familiar with the movement and solving techniques. It's a fairly simple puzzle, but with a deceptive solution, because when you inspect the puzzle, it appears as if it has two possible solutions for the outside color, although just one is actually solvable. The 3x3x3 is just slight difficult, as it only moves the outer cubes of its faces, due to the fact that the center ones are fused together with the central cube, reducing the total number of possible movements.

It's very enjoyable to play with, if you're into this type of sliding puzzles and has a very original and simple design, because you don't have to actually touch the cubes to make them move, unlike the similar versions.

The puzzle is now quite rare to find, though you may be able to find one of its version at eBay sometimes. Just keep looking regularly or you can use the 'Save Search' feature on eBay, and you'll be notified every time it appears one for sale.


Jaap's Puzzle Page (Solution and Javascript version of the game)

Youtube (Video Review)


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