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Puzzles boxes are always a treat to solve, since the solution is not evident at first glance. It's a discovery experience which not many types of puzzles can do. This puzzle, called the Companion Box, was designed by Mr. Benno and produced by PuzzleMaster. A challenging puzzle that will surely get you thinking.

The companion Box is made from polywood (not the best of materials but quite affordable) and the puzzle has a nice and intriguing design. Measuring 9 x 9 cm (3.5"), it's a relatively big puzzle that has a nice feel in the hands. Each face of the cube has a disc and eight yellow pieces in the corners. Most of the puzzle doesn't move except for one part that gives the impression of a slight movement. It's this lack of moving parts that gives it an intriguing feel, since the solution doesn't look straightforward. You can hear something inside when you shake it, which is a clue for what the mechanism might be hiding. You almost feel like a detective trying to figure out what's going on.

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Rated as a level 8/10, you know this is a challenging puzzle. The solution itself is simple if you already solved other similar puzzles, but if you can't quite figure out what's happening inside, how will you know that? From experience. By carefully analysing every aspect of it, you'll find similarities with other puzzles. But, just because you might understand the mechanism, it can still be tough to open it. Finding the right way to close it again is also challenging, but not as hard as opening it. Half of the solution is hidden away, so once you see it, it's easier to do it.

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Closing Comments:

The Companion Box was a nice surprise and has a neat solution. Anyone familiar with puzzle boxes will surely like it even if the solution has a similar movement to other puzzles.

Availability: You can a get a copy of the Companion Box at PuzzleMaster. Check out other interesting puzzle boxes.


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Free the coin puzzles are always interesting and fascinating puzzles. They usually have a hidden mechanism that you need to figure out in order to free the coin trapped inside. Rizal is a great example of such puzzle designed by Rex Rossano Perez from the Philippines.

This is a tiny puzzle, but don't judge it by its size. It has an elegant solution that will surely satisfy your puzzle needs. Measuring only 6.8cm x 5.7cm (2.7" x 2.25) and made in acrylic, it's a sturdy puzzle that will withstand the most frustrating puzzlers - Although its difficulty is not that hard. Inside there's a 1 Piso coin resting on a sliding platform that doesn't always move like you'd expect. It's here that the hidden mechanism comes into play and some outside-the-box thinking is needed.

The sliding mechanism is a clever addition to the design and even though it's not that difficult to figure it out, it's certainly an enjoyable experience. Another interesting aspect of the puzzle is the multi-layer platform that adds an extra complexity to the design and mechanism.

Solving the puzzle did take me about 10 minutes, so it's definitely not a straightforward solution. When the coin disappears from view, you'll be left with just the sound the puzzles makes when the platform moves - or tries to move. You'll have a nice "a-ha!" moment when the coin falls from the opening at the bottom. It's not as difficult to return the coin to its original position, but it can still be challenging if you haven't memorized how exactly the mechanism works.

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Closing Comments:

As far as coin puzzles go, Rizal is a great new addition to the family. Its pocket size is great to take it with you and show it to your friends to see how they do it. Highly recommended.

Availability: The Rizal puzzle is available at PuzzleMaster for $42.99 CAD. Check out other puzzles by Rex Rossano Perez.

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