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Triad is another stunning puzzle from the anodized metal series from PuzzleMaster. Both color and shape really stand out, but what's most interesting about it is its solving method.

Each of these puzzles have their own characteristics and solutions, so you will always have a different experience whichever one you choose. As for the Triad puzzle, it's not a particularly difficult puzzle, but the solution is quite enjoyable and can be rather fun to do many times over.

The Triad is very well made and most importantly, the coating doesn't seem to wear off that easily. With use, it might begin to appear some scratches, but nothing that will ruin the overall look of the puzzle.

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Three identical pieces are interlocked to form an equilateral triangle and by moving them in a certain way you'll be able to separate them. At first it seems like there's no way to find enough room to remove the first piece, but if you see how the pieces are cut at certain angles and make use of the internal cuts to your advantage, it's actually pretty easy to solve.

This is rated as a level 7/10, but an experienced puzzler will probably have no problems solving this. It might look that way, but this puzzle is not a coordinated motion puzzle. You have to remove the pieces one by one and reassemble them the same way.

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Closing Comments:

The Triad is certainly an interesting puzzle. Just three pieces can really create something visually appealing and at the same time challenge your solving skills - provided you're not looking for an extremely difficult puzzle. Its beautiful design and simple solution will surely capture the attention of anyone.

Availability: You can get a copy of the Triad puzzle at PuzzleMaster for just $19.99 CAD. Check out the other puzzles in this series as well.

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