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The Haiyan's Cube - Memory is redesigned, polished, sanded and assembled by the 6 times blindfolded world record holder, Haiyan Zhuang.

It's a professional speed cube that has very high cutting-corner abilities and turns great. The Memory cube is made from an Alpha V cube, with the major difference that Haiyan spends about 45 minutes to sand it. All the edge cubies had their inner corners cut and rounded, which provides a smoother turning and produces much less friction between the pieces.

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Right out of the box, the cube comes well lubed, with the right tension, but it's adjustable if you like (the center caps can be removed to show the adjusting screws). Although I'm not a speedsolver, I can tell that it's already with the appropriate tension, not too loose that makes it pop constantly, but also not so tight that reduces the turning quality. By the way, I was unable to test the frequency of pops, for reasons stated above, but according to Haiyan, it's very difficult for a cubie to pop during speedsolve.

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I have made size comparisons with the original Rubik's Cube, whilst turning and cutting-corner quality was made with the Ghost Hand Cube. Regarding size, the Memory Cube is about 2mm thinner than the Rubik's cube. The Ghost Hand Cube was the best turning and cutting-corner cube I had thus far. ...Well, no more. The Memory Cube is by far, much smoother and cuts corners way beyond the point of the one Ghost Hand is capable of. Besides the Memory, the Ghost Hand is the only speedsolving cube I have, so I can only compare with this one, though I can tell when I see a good quality cube and the Memory, fits this category.

The Stichers used are PVC, with the standard Rubik's scheme (white opposite yellow, red opposite orange and blue opposite green). You can purchase a set of replacement stickers for $0.7 when you buy your cube. Just contact Haiyan's site support before you checkout.

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The Memory Cube is available at Haiyan's online store for $25 with free shipping worldwide. And if you're interested in wholesale, you can purchase a minimum of 30 Memory Cubes to get a discount of 70% off of the regular sale price.

Closing Comments:

I love the Haiyan's Memory Cube, it's my favorite cube for solving right now. It isn't like any other cube that I've tried. As I'm not a real speedsolver (my personal best is an astonishing 2:31), it may not be so impressive to hear this, but it's actually an amazing cube with an extreme high quality. Also, these are the actual cubes that Haiyan uses for his competitions and he makes sure that every one of them fits his high standards. If you're a speedsolver, I can highly recommend you this cube. You will not be disappointed.

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