Wurmm and Bronco

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The Wurmm... and Bronco are two designs by Dutch puzzle inventor Oskar van Deventer, with George Miller making the prototype for the Wurmm. They're essentially Route Finding Puzzles, where the goal is always to find the correct path, usually to set free a piece of the puzzle.


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Distributed by Recent Toys since 2008, the puzzle is a shape of a green apple with 22 holes and a worm-like figure.

The goal is to free the worm from one of its many starting points to the exit below the apple. In the way, you'll find some holes joined together. This is where you find the eight so called pivot points, where you can rotate your Wurmm to change direction and find the exit point.

The puzzle itself isn't that hard to solve. Once you get how direction changes work, you'll eventually find the correct path to free the Wurmm. The concept is a bit similar to the classic plate design, although it's nice to see the puzzle here, with an added twist, like the direction changing ability. It definitely made the puzzle a bit more difficult and fun to solve.

The design is also what differentiates it from the other similar type puzzles. Such a simple idea, and yet nobody thought of that before Oskar did.

Video made by Recent Toys

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Also distributed by Recent Toys, this time since 2009, Bronco is another Route Finding Puzzle. The concept is similar with the Wurmm, but with the Bronco you have a shape of a horseshoe arena with 15 holes and a wild horse figure.

Here, you can also have different holes as a starting point. Once you choose one, jump your horse forwards or backwards into a hole and rotate it to an available space. Note that, not every adjacent hole will fit, since each one have a pair of opposite spikes that block certain moves. Once you make it to the last hole, which by the way, is the only one that doesn't have spikes, you can rotate the horse freely and guide it to the escape point.

Just like Wurmm, Bronco is a nice use of a simple idea by turning it into a beautiful design, recognizable by everyone. It doesn't provide much of a challenge, as it's much easier compared to Wurmm, but a great collectible for a puzzle lover, though.

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