Chain Gang

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The Chain Gang, a Wire Puzzle produced by PuzzleMaster, which has three versions: the wire version was designed by Dick Hess, the rope version by Markus Goetz and the version here for review was adapted by Allan Stein.

The puzzle looks complicated just by looking at it. No wonder, it's a level 9 out of 10...
You need to free the golden oval ring from the wire and ring tangly, which proved to be an impossible task for me, at the time of writing.  The pieces can be divided into four categories. There's two small wires and two long ones, three silver rings (one smaller than the other two) and finally the bigger golden ring. 

Wire puzzles aren't usually my forte when it comes to solving. I've been trying it unsuccessfully for the past week and I think I didn't come even close to figure out its solution. You can move the oval ring freely along the silver wires, but the big golden ring keeps blocking your apparent exit, so the solution needs a bit (or a lot) of "thinking outside the box". As I was unable to find the solution in time for the review, I can't tell much more on how to solve it. If you need a solution though, that's going to be tough, because PuzzleMaster doesn't provide any in their website, although you can always try to contact them.

EDIT: If you still require a solution, you can now download one here.

If you're a Wire Puzzle fan, go for it, because it's among the harder ones you can find. And if you want this exact version, you can only find it in PuzzleMaster's website.


George said...

Ugh! This thing is a beast! I've had it for almost two years now and it is still unsolved. I resolve not too look at the solution. But how much longer can I hold out? I haven't even tried to solve in in a year or so.

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