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Following last week's topic about easy Wire Puzzles, which by the way are great to learn the basics in order to solve harder ones, I have just another one, the Heart Breaker. This puzzle is manufactured by PuzzleMaster and it's a more affordable version of Tucker-Jones House's Iron Heart from 1981.

The Heart Breaker is comprised by two parts, one of them in the shape of a heart. To "break" the heart, you have to separate the two parts. The description of the puzzle says to remove the heart shape, but the funny thing is that when I looked at the puzzle and solved it, I interpreted it as if I just had the other part removed from the heart shape, not the other way around. I know both interpretations lead to the same exact end, because after all, the goal is to separate both parts. Nevertheless, it's interesting how we, looking at the same object, can see it in two completely different ways.

This puzzle is rated by PuzzleMaster as a 5/10 difficulty level and I couldn't agree more. This is probably the easiest and fastest wire puzzle I have ever solved. It took no more than a few seconds to look at it and do immediately the exact movement to take it apart. The movement needed to solve it is so simple that putting it back is equally easy. No challenge there.

If the solution is not that obvious to you, I can give you a hint: take advantage of the U section of the heart shape, which is the main focus of the solution. For a graphical solution, download a .pdf file here.

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The Heart Breaker is available for about $10 CAD, along with many other affordable PuzzleMaster wire puzzles. If you prefer the Tucker-Jones House original instead, although a lot more expensive, they also have it available. As mentioned in my previous review, I prefer the cheaper version, because I like the material better, with the smooth coating finish.

Closing Comments:

The Heart Breaker may not be recommended for you if you're experienced with this kind of puzzles. However, they can be useful for beginners to learn the ropes and adventure themselves later into more challenging and fiendish wire puzzles.


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