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Posted on Dec 17, 2012 by Gabriel | 2 comments
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A few weeks ago I posted about the Trick Bolt #2, which is the second of two Trick Bolts I got from PuzzleMaster. At the time, I tried to solve both puzzles, but only got so far with #2, as #1 proved to be much trickier than I was expecting.

Both puzzles are produced by PuzzleMaster and, curiously enough, both of them are rated with the same level of difficulty, level 7/10. To me, this doesn't reflect the real level of challenge that one puzzle has over the other, being #1 much harder than #2.

The object of these puzzles is more or less the same as well, with both rings having to be removed. The path to get this done, however, is anything but similar. I managed to solve the Trick Bolt #2 within a few seconds after picking it up, whereas the Trick Bolt #1 was solved after well over one hour after picking it up (cumulative time, as it took more than one session) - Draw your only conclusions... Do they really look like a similar challenge? - At first they do, but after a few moments your perception is completely changed. I reckon the better level rating would be level 5 for #2 and level 8 for #1.

What confused me more about Bolt #1 was the fact that the nut wasn't welded to the bolt like the #2. This clearly indicated that the solution revolved around this area. Nevertheless, no matter how I tried, the nut only moved like a millimeter in both directions. What I was able to do so far was getting the nut screwed on even farther, not off.

After a lot of frustration and both hands and fingers a bit sore, I discovered the solution almost by accident. When holding the bolt with one hand and trying to unscrew the nut with the other, I realized that the nut was screwed off a little, which was something I hadn't managed to do until then. I tried the same movement again and, to my surprise, the nut was finally off the bolt and the ring was freed.

Solution: If you're ready to give up, look no further. Download here the solution.

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Closing Comments:

After removing the nut and seeing how the mechanism worked, I can only tell that the concept is quite genius. The solution is totally counterintuitive, and I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon it while I was almost ready to give up. If you're thinking on getting both Trick Bolts, prepare to spend much more time with #1 than #2. Either way, I highly recommend both puzzles.

Availability: The Trick Bolt #1 as well as Trick Bolt #2 can be bought at PuzzleMaster for just $10 USD each.


ghghghghghghghghghgh said...

Can you please explain how to open the bolt? I downloaded the solution but I still cannot get it to open.. Please help!

Gabriel said...

Hi, While pressing on the bottom of the bolt, keep unscrewing the nut out in the opposite direction you would normally do.

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