Einer Geht Noch

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I'm not sure why, but I love puzzles with German words - Sounds cool and difficult. Jean Claude Constantin, a German puzzle designer, has named a lot of his inventions with German words and expressions. For example, today's puzzle, with a wine theme, is called "Einer Geht Noch" and could be translated as "one more?" or "let's have another", or something along these lines.

Like most Constantin's puzzles the design is visually stunning. With a lighter tone wooden frame and contrasting darker tones for the pieces, everything about this puzzle looks harmonious and balanced. The frame is perfectly squared and measures 12.8cm (about 5") in diameter, with an inside area of 9.3cm (3.7").

Einer Geht Noch consists of four identical pieces in the shape of a corkscrew that need to be packed inside the frame. The irregular shape of the pieces make this simple task a tough challenge, since they won't occupy all the frame's space. Each piece is marked with a number, supposedly a date, to denote the front and back of the pieces. When solved, the pieces must be facing upwards (showing the numbers), not a mix of front and back, and have very little wiggle room for moving around.

As mentioned above, the difficulty of the puzzle is quite challenging. PuzzleMaster has a rating of 8/10 (Demanding) for its level of difficulty. I reckon it's a fair rating, since most people will have a hard time solving it. I have played and reviewed several puzzles like this, and because of that I've solved it in a reasonable amount of time, in about 10 minutes.

The solution is a bit counter-intuitive, but not as much as other similar puzzles. I think the small number of pieces helps to bring down the level of complexity, compared to other puzzles with much more pieces. There's only so much you can do with four pieces and with a little patience and persistence anyone can solve this.

Solution: There's no solution provided or on the site, but you can take a look at the solved puzzle here. Don't click if you want to solve it by yourself.

Closing Comments:

Einer Geht Noch is yet another great puzzle by Constantin. Superb design and original idea. For packing puzzle fans, this is a must-have. Also, perfect as a gift for a wine lover.

Availability: You can get the Einer Geht Noch at PuzzleMaster for $19 CAD. You can also check out other designs by Jean Claude Constantin.



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