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Floor is another unique Packing Puzzle from Jean Claude Constantin. This unusual mosaic is reminiscent of a honeycomb pattern, albeit having pentagons instead of hexagons. The puzzle itself looks like it consists of 19 pieces, but in reality only the inner 7 pieces are removable.

The puzzle is made of three layers of what appears to be plywood. The top of the pieces are very well polished and feel smooth to the touch. Size-wise it's a small puzzle, measuring only 12 x 10.5cm (4.7" x 4.1").

The pieces of the Floor puzzle are also very unusual. Each piece has two layers: the first layer is a simple pentagon, but the second layer is a combination of three spikes, with each piece displaying a distinct arrangement. When solved, the triangular spaces you see between the pentagons should be occupied by these spikes. No empty spaces shall be seen, otherwise the puzzle remains unsolved.

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The floor puzzle is deceptively easy. At first sight, it looks quite intimidating, given the strange appearance of the pieces, when in fact it's solvable within 10 minutes or so. It's rated as a level 7/10 by PuzzleMaster, and I have to agree. It's not very challenging. When you place the first piece in the tray, just make sure its spikes cover the empty spaces shared by the frame. From there on, I just placed the remaining pieces, always keeping in mind not to leave empty spaces. I was able to solve it without removing any piece previously packed. I'm not sure if the puzzle has multiple solutions, but seeing how easy it is to solve, I reckon it's safe to assume it should have at least a couple more of them.

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Closing Comments:

The Floor puzzle is a nice puzzle to have around. It's not very demanding, but its design is quite intriguing. You can try to solve it more than once as well, because it's a little hard to remember the exact arrangement of the pieces in the tray.

Availability: You can buy the Floor puzzle at PuzzleMaster for about $20 CAD. Take a look here to browse other puzzles from Jean Claude Constantin.



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