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The Sixi Cube is proof that Václav Obšivač (Vinco) can craft any type of puzzle and do a magnificent work every time. Many of his designs need coordinate motion and steady hands to be solved, but today's puzzle is a little different, since it doesn't require a simultaneous assembly of its pieces. If you think the absence of coordinate motion makes the puzzle easier to solve, think again... After all, this is a Burr puzzle.

The puzzle is superbly crafted with Vinco's trademark waxing finish, giving it a smoother surface while also making it easier for the pieces to slide in place. Another great characteristic of Vinco's puzzles is the use of different kinds of wood to create a beautiful contrast between the pieces, and this particular version of the Sixi Cube is made from walnut (dark) and acacia (light). It's a relatively small puzzle, measuring 5.6cm (2.2").

Comprised of six distinct interlocking pieces, with two pairs being a mirror of each other, the puzzle is rated as a difficulty level of 3/5 and a Burr level 1 - It's considered a level 1 because it's a solid burr (no internal voids) and requires only one move to remove the first piece. Nevertheless, for someone not used at solving Burr puzzles, this can still be quite challenging, considering the pieces need to be arranged in a specific sequence.

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One particular thing you'll immediately notice when you receive the puzzle is that it comes disassembled in its box. Unless you want to keep it in the box in this shameful state, you're forced to solve the puzzle. While this might seem a mean thing of the designer, I agree that it's a good thing. How many puzzles have you bought in their solved state, took them apart and assembled them back? - I bet your answer is more than zero. My OCD personality just doesn't allow to leave a puzzle in its unsolved state. I'm glad not many designers do this, else my free time would be spent solving puzzles uninterruptedly.

Each piece, with the exception of the plain key piece, has one or two small cubes attached to the main structure in different arrangements. The result is a complex solution with each piece having a specific order of placement. At first, this task seems too difficult, but as you solve the puzzle multiple times it becomes progressively easier. After several attempts, I can now solve it in less than one minute, when at first it must have taken about an hour to do it.

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Closing Comments:

Vinco's Sixi Cube makes for a nice break of coordinate-motion puzzles. Perfectly crafted with high-quality materials, it's not extremely difficult, even for Burr beginners, but will sure put your patience to the test if you're easily frustrated by a challenging puzzle.

Availability: The Sixi Cube is available from Brilliant Puzzles for about $20 USD. You can browse other puzzles from Vinco at Brilliant Puzzles dedicated section.


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