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This is quite an original puzzle by Siebenstein-Spiele. They've created a puzzle in the shape of a desk name plate with the company name. Jürgen Reiche, who comes up with most of their designs, created this unusual but very interesting puzzle.

Siebenstein-Spiele usually combines wood and acrylic to make their puzzles extra shiny and elegant, also with various tones. In the case of the Siebenstein-Puzzel they only used two wood colors, enough to make a subtle, but enhanced visual effect. There are 11 pieces, each representing a letter of the company's name, and the goal is to rearrange the letters from any scrambled position to spell the correct name. The method is simply, but quite tough to master.

There are three entry/exit points in the puzzle for the tiles to move. Actually, it's more like one exit point and two entry points. The open space in the middle is used to remove the tile directly below and when trying to solve the puzzle you should choose either the left or right entry points to place the tile. It's as simple as that. How hard could it be, right? In fact, it's quite challenging. The manufacturer classifies it as a level 6/7, so it involves some heavy thinking.

Like any puzzle where your task is to rearrange the pieces, there's always some planning ahead before you make your moves. Like a simple sliding puzzle, you might need to mess up a small section of the puzzle before being able to fix it. This back and forth thinking is the logic behind the Siebenstein-Puzzel, or any other similar puzzle. Getting there, however, is easier said than done.

I've been struggling with this one for a few months now, with off and on puzzling and, while I've been able to solve it a couple of times, I still don't know exactly the correct sequence of moves to do it. Removing and placing the tiles back and forth in the puzzle is done in a semi-random way, sometimes knowing the outcome, sometimes hoping for the best. Like experimenting with an unknown device, while studying its behavior and learning as you go. With practice, I'm sure the solution will be clearer. It's a challenge...

(Click to Enlarge) - Scrambled/Starting Position
Closing Comments:

The Siebenstein-Puzzel is one of a kind. Simple in design, but as tough as they come. It's perhaps one of the hardest puzzles from Siebenstein-Spiele. If you like a challenge this might be the one for you. Because of its easy-to-understand goal, many puzzlers and non-puzzlers might go for it, but frustration will prevent some from solving it. If you're lucky enough to have your last name as Siebenstein, you not only get a very cool name plate, but you can also play with it. That would actually be a great idea, for a custom puzzle with your name...

Availability: The Siebenstein-Puzzel is available at Sloyd for €17.50.


Jerry said...

I think this great concept can be used for Mahjong as well, creating a winning combination of character tiles.

Gabriel said...

Yes, that would also be a great idea. Mahjong tiles look really nice. It's indeed a great concept that should be used for other designs.

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