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Continuing with the IQ series by SmartGames, this time I present you the IQ-Splash. This game is actually one of the exceptions among most designs launched by SmartGames, because it wasn't developed by Raf Peeters. Its origins go back from 1989 and it's also known as Lonpos - Cosmic Creature, for its irregularly-shaped pieces resembling a creature from outer space. The name chosen by SmartGames invokes another resemblance as well, as the pieces also look like small puddles of water. It doesn't matter how you see the pieces though, since this is quite a challenging game.

The game is presented in its original box with the Lonpos brand, and inside you can find a small booklet with 107 challenges divided in the usual five difficulty levels. On the backside of the box lid there's also four additional challenges to get you started. Unlike other SmartGames, the booklet doesn't provide you with solutions for its challenges, so you're on your own, for better or worse.

(Click to Enlarge) - Challenge 24 (Left: Start; Right: Solved)

The design of the game is, in my opinion, perfect. It comes in a small box with a simple closing mechanism, which is very convenient for your travels. The IQ-Splash consists of 12 irregular pieces, each in a different color and also a different letter. What's interesting is that there are six pieces that look different if you flip then on their vertical axis. To help you distinguish between these pieces, a triangle or a circle is shown together with its corresponding letter. Another design feature is the raised points on each piece, which helps to stimulate the nerve endings of your fingers.

All the design choices above were made especially to help the brain development in children, because it strengthens visual, spacial and logical thinking skills. It can be, nevertheless, a great exercise for both children and adults, and especially elderly people, by keeping the brain healthy.

(Click to Enlarge) - Challenge 42 (Left: Start; Right: Solved)

From all the IQ games so far, this one seemed the most challenging, because of the irregular shape of the pieces, which makes it hard to visualize where each piece goes. The game is fairly easy throughout most of the challenges presented in the booklet, but the last level (Wizard) becomes extremely difficult to solve, since only two or three pieces are already placed in the game board. Solving time for the Wizard levels is about 20/30 minutes. There may be more than one solution for some challenges, so it's always worth another try looking for an alternate solution.

(Click to Enlarge) - Challenge 88 (Left: Start; Right: Solved)

Closing Comments:

The IQ-Splash is a welcome addition to the IQ series. By including it in SmartGames' catalog, a popular brand, much more people can experience this great game that has been around for 25 years now. It's definitely a challenging game, but the easier levels make sure that everybody gets a fair chance at learning it and progress to more demanding levels at their own pace.

Availability: You can find the IQ-Splash at PuzzlesdeIngenio.com, as well as many others from SmartGames.



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