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There's a series of very interesting Trick Lock puzzles by Mi-Toys that use a very clever mechanism, called IQ Locker. These puzzles are pretty cheap (about $11) and made of wood - not proper wood (laser-cut), but you can't ask much for that price. Each puzzle has a very original design, and despite the low quality materials, their mechanism works quite well.

This time I chose the Lock Maze and, as the name suggests, you'll be navigating a small maze in order to be able to unlock it. To help you navigate the maze there's a small sliding button that moves horizontally through an opening in the puzzle. Both sides of the lock are identical, including the sliding button, so you can easily change perspective, although you can't see much of the maze through the opening.

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The mechanism doesn't allow for the shackle to be completely removed from the wooden frame, but it can slide off enough so that you can see most of the maze path. In other words, don't stop right away when you first see the shackle opened, since there's more to it.

Unfortunately, the puzzle is not very challenging, and considering it's a maze, it's a little disappointing to be so quickly solvable. The manufacturer rates it as a level 2/5, but it might as well be a level 1, as I was able to open it in only a couple of minutes. Closing it is equally and unsatisfyingly easy, because there's virtually no challenge. The puzzle measures 14.6cm x 7.6cm (5.75" x 3"), and the problem of being so easy could've been simply solved by a larger maze - In my opinion it would've resulted in a much better puzzle overall.

Closing Comments:

If you're a fan of Trick Locks and like to collect them all, there's no reason not to get the Lock Maze. Also, if you're a beginner in this type of puzzles, it can be good to practice for higher demanding levels. But for seasoned puzzlers, unless you're a collector like me, it can be frustratingly easy.

Availability: You can find the Lock Maze and all the IQ Locker series at Brilliant Puzzles for just $10.95 USD each.



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