Caged Golf Ball

Posted on Mar 3, 2015 by Gabriel | 2 comments
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If you're an avid puzzle collector, like myself, you're bound to come upon similar concepts and ideas over the years, albeit sometimes presented with a different design, but still the general idea is there. This is exactly what the designer of the Caged Golf Ball - unknown to me - did. Is it worth it even if you already own a similar puzzle? Read on to find out.

The Caged Golf Ball, as the name suggests, has a trapped golf ball enclosed between four wooden bars, apparently making it impossible to remove the ball, unless some kind of trick is to be performed. This is partly true, however it's not a trick per se, but a well known and simple force of physics that will certainly amaze anyone.

The puzzle is made from monkeypod wood, a common type of wood used in more affordable puzzles, but don't be fooled by its low price tag. To be honest, I really like this kind of wood. It has this pleasant smell that will perfume any cupboard you put it in, and for an affordable type of wood, it gives a nice quality to the puzzle without appearing too cheap. It measures 10cm x 7.6cm (4" x 3").

Without revealing too much about the solution of the puzzle, which can be quite challenging for a casual puzzler, I can give you a hint that its principle is similar to a well-known Hanayama puzzle, the Cast News. If you haven't solved it yet, well, then I recommend starting with the Hanayama puzzle, since it's easier to perform the required moves, because it's made of metal.

The wooden mechanism, as it's expected, doesn't work flawlessly, and even if you're doing the right moves, it may still prove inefficient. If you think you're doing the correct movement, keep at it and eventually you will unlock the mechanism and reveal the secret of the Caged Golf Ball. The difficulty of the puzzle is rated as a level 2/5, and this is true if you're an experienced puzzler, but if you're not, it can be as challenging as a level 4/5.

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Closing Comments:

The perfect gift for a golf aficionado, the Caged Golf Ball can still be a great challenge for anyone interested in puzzles. Responding to the question above, yes, if you're a puzzle collector it's really worth getting this puzzle for its original and unique design, but if you know the basic principle behind it from other puzzles, or you're not into golf, then it's up to you, since it won't give you a proper challenge.

Availability: As of the time of writing this review, the Caged Golf Ball is currently out of stock at Brilliant Puzzles. However, if you still want to check out other golf related puzzles, there's a few options available here.


Az said...

Ahhhhh another kind of "cast news" puzzles...This kind of trick has been used in too many puzzles in my opinion. I like having different kind of mechanism...

Anyway, good review! And the puzzle has a nice design

See you

Gabriel said...

Indeed, it can be repetitive but, as I pointed above, for a collector, like you and me, it's still worth getting it.

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