Penguins Parade

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SmartGames has a new series of games that were specially made for those that like to have some fun while travelling. This Magnetic Travel Games series consists of several games in the form of a small notebook that closes with a clasp and has a magnetic board and pieces, so they don't get lost. It's a very convenient way to bring your favorite games along with you and to brighten your trips.

Based on the hugely popular game Penguins on Ice, Penguins Parade by Raf Peeters also has a unique concept for a packing puzzle and, despite being smaller, it's certainly not inferior, in terms of fun, than its predecessor. What you get is 48 challenges in four difficulty levels that promise to put your skills to the test. The game is classified for ages between 5 and 10, but make no mistake, some of these challenges can puzzle the most clever adults. I know I got my share of puzzling.

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The game consists of just six pieces of different shapes (their edges resemble broken ice) and the goal, unlike you may think, is not to fill the game board - it's a little more complicated than that. Four of the pieces have a penguin on them, placed in a different spot. The pieces have to be placed on the game board so that the penguins form a straight line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and they all are facing you in the same direction. In other words, you can't have a penguin facing sideways or upside down. Also, no pieces shall overlap, but you can leave "icebergs" on the board (isolated pieces). Only the penguin pieces need to be connected without any empty spaces in between them.

The challenges start out very easy and simple. At first you can see two penguins already in place and two blank pieces, but slowly, as you progress, you'll see only the two blank pieces in the board, and you have to figure out where the penguin pieces go. I did find it a bit easier than other previous games, but I believe that any puzzle fan will find it challenging enough, or at least make your trip much more interesting.

(Click to Enlarge) - Challenges 34 & 46 Solved

Closing Comments:

It's a real pleasure to play this type of games. Whether you play them occasionally, to kill the boredom, or you're just addicted to them, like me, you'll always find something to challenge your mind and to help you relieve the stress of daily life. You can try to get other games of the Magnetic series, so you always have a variety of choice whenever you have to travel.

Availability: You can find any game from SmartGames at your usual puzzle places, from Amazon to PuzzleMaster.



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