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It's been almost 40 years since the invention of the original Pyraminx by Uwe Meffert. This puzzle not only inspired countless others designs, but it's still one of the best Twisty puzzles of all time. The Frame Pyraminx is one of the best-looking variations I've seen so far, but does it live up to the original design?

This is a really cool design, made by Fangshi, which also produces many other Twisty puzzles. The body is entirely hollow, only supported by a 3x3 core, which by the way, glows in the dark. The frame is made by attaching two triangles perpendicularly. The material for the frame is made from this bright and colorful plastic, adding to the overall beautiful design.

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Contrary to what you'd expect, the Frame Pyraminx is an edge-turning puzzle, unlike its predecessor, which is a corner-turning. So, the solution will obviously be quite different if you're used to the original Pyraminx mechanism. I'd say the Frame Pyraminx's movement is a little more complex, so the difficulty is definitely higher.

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To really mix the puzzle you can't just turn it on its edges, or you'd never be able to fully scramble it. You need to align the edges in such a way so that the 3x3 core can turn on its axis. This creates patterns that you can't see in a normal Pyraminx, which is really interesting. Not bad for a variation.

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Closing Comments:

I can highly recommend the Frame Pyraminx to any Twisty puzzle fan. It was a novelty for me, in terms of movement, but also the design is really eye-catching and original. A real stunner.

Availability: You can get your Frame Pyraminx at PuzzleMaster for $32.99 CAD. Check out other interesting puzzles by Fangshi.


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