Selling Some Puzzles - Lot #2

Posted on Aug 10, 2022 by Gabriel | 0 comments

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Hello everyone.

I have a second lot of puzzles to sell. You can purchase the whole lot for €200 or choose a minimum of 3 puzzles. Since I still have the first lot available, you can combine your order from both lots.

I've put a value on each puzzle (photo below), so the puzzles you choose will have a fixed price. You can contact me at: gabrielmpfernandes(@)gmail(.)com

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Puzzles in the photo (puzzles with a red mark are no longer available):

SmaZ Dino Cube / SmaZ Dino Cylinder / Oskar's Gear Shift / Meffert's Pyrastar

Ghost Cube (Purple) / Ghost Cube (Blue) / Burgo's Custom Megaminx / Honey Copter

Calvin's Pillow Dino / Evgeniy's Venus Cube / Pillowed Mastermorphix / Rubik's UFO

Meffert's Jade Chopsticks

Please add €15 shipping costs to Europe (€25 for the rest of the world). Payment by PayPal.

Please be aware that if you're outside Europe, import fees may be charged by the customs in your country. I can't be responsible for these fees.

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