The Ultimate Puzzle Sale (Updated with Sold List)

Posted on Jul 1, 2024 by Gabriel | 0 comments

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to put most of my collection up for sale. Even though I still have many puzzles that hold sentimental value, I'm willing to let go a big portion of my collection. I still love puzzles, but there are things in life that are more important for me right now.

Having said that. Just have a look at my past blog posts and my old website and let me know which puzzles you're interested in.

I also have prepared some puzzle lots (below), which I've made to sell on a portuguese auction site, so if you're interested in any of these, let me know. You can combine puzzles from other lots. I still have many other puzzles beside these lots, but these are some of the most valuable in my collection.

I am only willing to consider offers on orders equal or above €50, otherwise it won't be worth a trip to the postal office.

Don't ask me to sell puzzles like the Cast Puzzles, Japanese Puzzle Boxes, the Svetnashki... These are some from the top of my head, but there might be more that I don't want to sell (check list below).

UPDATE (July 1st 2024): Check this document for a list of already sold puzzles and puzzles I don't want to sell. Will keep updating it as I sell more puzzles.

If you're interested in anything, just drop me an e-mail: gabrielmpfernandes(@)gmail(.)com

Thank you.

Lot #1 - €150

Lot #2 - €120

Lot #3 - €150

Lot #4 - €100

Lot #5 - €100

Lot #6 - €220

Lot #7 - €230

Lot #8 - €200

Lot #9 - €200

Lot #10 - €180

Lot #11 - €200

Lot #12 - €130

Lot #13 - €120

Quadratum Cubicum - €350


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