Gordian's Knot - Random Pick #7

Posted on Jul 17, 2010 by Gabriel | 4 comments
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This is the #7 weekly random pick from My Collection.

Gordian's Knot (also known as Extreme Torture) is a concept with hundreds of years old. Frans de Vreugd is the person behind the creation of this mind-boggling modern version, released in 2002.

This Gordian's Knot is made out of six colored interlocking pieces and you complete it by taking it apart. At first, only one piece is able to move back and forth. Then, with each slide of a piece, other possible moves become available. It requires at least 69 different moves to be completely taken apart. It's one of the most difficult puzzles of this category and it's also as difficult to put back together as to take it apart, where you have to take into account the position of each piece and the exact order that each needs to be inserted.

The history of the original Gordian's Knot is found on the solution booklet of the puzzle and says:

The original Gordian Knot is a famous story from the eigth century B.C. Asia Minor. As the story goes, the people had lost their king and their oracle announced that the next person to ride into town pulling an oxcart would be the new ruler.

That person was Gordius, who, once crowned, tied up his cart with an extremely intricate knot. Over time, legend grew that the person who solved the knot would rule the world. For 400 years the knot remained a puzzle until Alexander the Great solved it and went on to rule great Kingdoms.

Since ancient times, the Gordian Knot has been synonymous with the unsolvable puzzle. Today the tradition of the world's toughest puzzle continues. Our modern version will challenge your intellect and try your patience, but who knows, once you solve Gordians Knot, you too may rule great kingdoms."

Video Demonstration

The puzzle can still be bought at Puzzle Master and is often found on eBay.


George said...

I was able to take it apart by rotating pieces in much less than 69 moves. It is much easier to solve if you do this.

Gabriel said...

Really? That's amazing :-D

I took it apart a few weeks after I got it, but I don't remember how many moves it took, although I'm pretty sure it was much more than 69... LOL

Chris, Debra, Clare and Drew said...

This sounds REALLY hard!


Gabriel said...

Indeed, it is. You need the patience of angels to solve it :P

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