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Sloyd (Tomas Lindén) is a Finnish wooden puzzle builder. His puzzles range in difficulty, but the harder ones are the better. The particular two puzzles below are among these latter ones.

First, I present the 'Lox in Box II' designed by Vesa Timonen (also the designer of the Cast Loop by Hanayama). As the name suggests, it's the successor of the 'Lox in Box' also designed by Vesa.

(Click to Enlarge)

The puzzle presentation is visually very pleasant with very nice finishing touches, like its name engraved in the box, making a great contrast with the light color wood.

In comparison with the first version of 'Lox in Box', this new design is a little bit harder. The box is smaller, but the number of logs are the same. You also have to think "outside the box", like the first version, to solve this one. 

I will not show a picture with the solution, as it would ruin the solving experience and spoil the "surprise factor" after solving a difficult puzzle...


Next, I present the 'Capital H' puzzle, also built by Tomas and Designed by Vesa.

(Click to Enlarge)

The goal is simple. You have to build the letter H with the seven pieces.

This one is even more difficult than the 'Lox in Box II'. Looking at the pieces, it appears like any other Letter puzzles (i.e. Letter T) though, things aren't always what they look like. Based on this, you may want to approach a solution at "another angle".

It's a simple looking puzzle, but with a very clever design and an unexpected "twist". As the previous puzzle, I will also not show a solution picture. I'll leave it to the puzzle enthusiasts that like a real brainteaser...

In conclusion, I was very impressed by the overall quality of the puzzles. They provide a nice challenge and look amazing on a shelf or a desk. Highly Recommended.

Edit: Refer to this newer post for another review of a Sloyd puzzle.


Anonymous said...

The Capital H puzzle is killing me, have tried for so long now so I've decided to give up. But i can't find the answer anywhere.

Could you please say the answer, this is just eating me up.

Gabriel said...

It sure is a tough puzzle... As you may understand, I can't give you the solution here, 'cause Tomas would be really mad at me. Send me an e-mail at gabrielmpfernandes(@)hotmail(dot)com and I'll send you a picture with the solution for your personal use only...

Puzzle Regards ;-)

Anonymous said...

Will do that.
Thank you for taking the time :)

By the way, very good site

Gabriel said...

Solution sent.
Thanks for your comments ;-)

Happy Puzzling ;-)

spor videoları said...

I played small version of this puzzles it is easy

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