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Posted on Dec 6, 2010 by Gabriel | 4 comments
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Hanayama's Cast Hook was the 3rd release of 2009 and was designed by Vesa Timonen. He is also the designer of the Cast Loop and Cast Square.

The puzzle consists of two identical pieces (hooks) that are entangled and you have to find out how to separate them. There's actually several Cast Puzzles that have this similar challenge. The Cast S&S and the Cast Baroq are just two examples of this, however they're harder to solve.

I love the design of the Hook. It's so simple and yet very classy. It's amazing how the designer came up with this shape. The spiraling effect of the hooks is actually the key to separate them. The finish applied to the metal is also pretty cool, making it look like an older object, although I'm not exactly sure which type of metal they used. Update: I now know, thanks to Roxanne Wong, that the puzzle is made out of Zinc, so you can take it with you on the plane, if you like...

The puzzle is rated at Hanayama's easiest level (1 of 6) and as expected it's quite easy to solve it (between 5 and 10 minutes). A great introduction for someone trying the Cast Puzzles for the first time. With just a little observation, you came to realize that the only way to separate the two hooks is by slowly rotate them, when joined at the thinner part of their spiral, from inside to outside. After you separate the spirals, you can now do the final step by twisting each hook in an opposite direction.

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Solution: It's a little hard to explain this process into words, but if you still have trouble to solve the puzzle, you can download the solution here, or watch a solution video here.

Closing Comments

I really liked the Cast Hook. It's not a tough challenge or anything of the sort, but that wasn't the designer's goal... It fits perfectly on the line of Cast Puzzles and their Philosophy, which is to present you with a unique piece that can sometimes challenge the sharpest minds, but also can captivate anyone with its fantastic designs.

The Cast Hook and other Cast Puzzles are available to purchase at PuzzleMaster.

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Hanayama's Factory Visit (Many thanks to Roxanne Wong for sharing these pictures)


Roxanne Miller said...

Zinc if I remember correctly. A puzzle that doesn't beep at airports.

Gabriel said...

Thanks Rox ;-) Review updated.
Puzzle Regards

George said...

My daughter took mine apart before I had seen it. I then had to put it together without having any experience taking it apart. This is more difficult, and if you want to make it harder for someone give it to them apart.

Gabriel said...

Indeed, I believe it can be more difficult without seeing how to take it apart. Good Job ;-)
Puzzle Regards

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