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One of the things that I most appreciate in a puzzle is having multiple challenges/solutions. It gives you something to keep enjoying the puzzle after you've solved it for the first time, expanding its lasting appeal. The Hexiamond, from Brilliant Puzzles, is a nice example of such puzzles.

I don't know much about its origin or who's the original designer, but given the simplicity of the form and concept of the puzzle, it's possible that more than one person came up with the idea independently. Kate Jones from Kadon Enterprises has designed a similar one that uses the exact same pieces (Iamond Hex), so  it's possible that the Hexiamond is based on Kate's design.

The Hexiamond puzzle is comprised of 12 dissimilar polyform pieces, with each one consisting of six equilateral triangles connected at different angles, for a total of 72 units. The puzzle comes already solved into one shape, but included in the instructions are twelve other shapes to try as well.

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The design is a classic box and lid, measuring 13 x 13cm (5.12"), and all in hardwood, pieces included. The tray has the outline of the featured shape carved in, so it's easier to solve. The pieces have this distinct appearance, some with a darker tone than others, giving it a nice contrast between them.

The puzzle is rated with a difficulty level 3 out of 5, but the actual difficulty will vary from shape to shape, as some are tougher than others to solve. The easiest shape is probably the one carved in the tray, because you already have its contours defined. I have photographed three other shapes and the harder one to solve was the Fan (photo below).

(Click to Enlarge) - Fan
The great thing about this puzzle is that the twelve pieces can make much more shapes than the ones provided in the instructions. You can attempt to create your own, or you can take a look at this website and explore the countless possibilities. Each shape has dozens, and in some cases, hundreds and even thousands of solutions. As you can see, there's more than one way to succeed. Can you find at least one solution for each shape?

Closing Comments:

The Hexiamond is definitely a fantastic puzzle with plenty of challenges to keep you busy for a while. When you've solved all 12+1 included shapes, you can always visit this website and keep playing. A simple complex, but as we all know, sometimes less is more.

Availability: The Hexiamond is available at Brilliant Puzzles for $12.95 USD.

(Click to Enlarge) - Pleats (Left) and Rhombus (Right)


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