Lunatic Lock

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The Lunatic Lock is designed by Gary Foshee and this particular edition is produced by PuzzleMaster.

There's a wide range of trick locks in the market today, some are cheaper and others can be quite expensive, like this one. The Lunatic Lock falls into the category of the cheaper ones, but don't be fooled, you'll get more than you paid for, as the puzzle can be extremely frustrating to open. It's made of aluminum, which is cheaper to produce, but doesn't look very good as a finish, because it has these brushed strokes and it looks like it's unpolished. I know that if it were made of another material, it would be more expensive, though...

Now, for the challenge itself, which is what matters, you won't be disappointed. When you think of a lock and the way that they are opened, you may think immediately of a key. However, these trick locks are very different. They require a completely different approach for opening them. The only "key" provided in this specific lock is a small pin that looks like a screw. If you shake the puzzle close to your ear, you'll be able to hear something inside. Try to move the pin up and down while rotating the lock and eventually you'll lock the pin in the middle position. Just continue to do this until you finally get the puzzle unlocked. The Lunatic Lock is rated by PuzzleMaster as an 8 out of 10, which is "Demanding", so you'll have plenty of entertaining time, unless you get frustrated before... If you find yourself "locked" without a clue, you can download the solution here.

Closing Comments:

Despite being a little rough on the finishing touches, like the brushed aluminum, The Lunatic Lock provides a satisfying challenge for the trick locks fans and for someone that likes all kinds of mechanical puzzles.

You can find the Lunatic Lock at PuzzleMaster for CAD $15.95.

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