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Stewart Coffin is an absolute master when it comes to Interlocking Puzzles. He has contributed with so many designs to the puzzle community, that he has his own numbering system for his creations. The one in this review is his #93, the Interlock Four or Four-Piece Interlocking Cube.

This particular version is built by Puzzle Crafthouse and judging by their high quality standards, this one doesn't disappoint in any way. To create a different appearance to an otherwise plain flat cube, the pieces have been hand sanded to create these beautiful grooved lines.

The puzzle consists of four unique pieces. One with 8 square units, one with 7 and two with 6 for a total of 27, making a 3x3 cube measuring 7.8cm (3.07"). The pieces are interlocked in such a way that it requires each one to be taken apart in a correct sequence.

Taking the cube apart is not so difficult. The pieces slide off easily, so it's just a matter of choosing correctly the right little squares to pull off the cube. Once the first piece is out, the others are much easier to separate and the puzzle is all but done.

The real challenge, however, is to assemble the cube back to its cube form. The shapes of the pieces are so complex that it's a really tough task just to connect two pieces. You will be able to join two pieces several times tough, but as you go on and try to fit the remaining ones, you'll face inevitable failure. 

What you have to keep in mind, while trying to join two pieces together is the actual length of the cube, which is 3x3. If you're connecting two pieces and the fit is more than 3 squares lengthwise, then you'll automatically know that you're out of bounds and you have to try another piece orientation, until you finally have a perfect cube.

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Closing Comments:

The Interlock Four is quite different from what I'm used to, in other Interlocking Puzzles - Burrs are the most commonly found and recognizable. However, the difference is very welcome. The puzzle offers an entirely original take on this category and provides a puzzler with a rewarding challenge.

This Interlock Four version can be purchased at Puzzle Crafthouse.


Kevin said...

Hi Gabriel,

If you like the interlocking cube puzzles then you will also like those from Richard Gain (Microcubology). I reviewed them here. They can be bought from his Shapeways store (undyed) or from his Etsy store (dyed). For a true challenge then get them in the disassembled state - I did for 3 of them and they are very tough. Some require rotations!

All the best for the New Year


Gabriel said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin ;-)
Indeed, they look rather interesting.

Happy New Year!

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