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Trick Locks have a long history and are among the oldest types of puzzles, dating back from a couple of centuries ago.

Most Trick Locks are usually opened by only one or two simple movements, although they're not so simple to figure out right away. There are a few however, much more complex, that do require a series of movements to open, but that's for another time...

The Broken Heart, also called Ace of Hearts in the Houdini Locks Collection, is PuzzleMaster's version of this simple puzzle lock, built in brass.

The heart-shaped lock comes with a spare key and no different from the traditional Trick Locks, you just have to find out the single movement required to open it. It's a bit smaller and lighter than the other ones in the collection, but it's the same good quality, although it can be easily scratched.

PuzzleMaster rates it as a level 5/10 puzzle and I couldn't agree more. The lock is fairly easy to open, actually it only took a few seconds to open, so it's recommended as a good introduction to anyone not familiarized with this type of puzzles.

Spoiler Ahead: The solution is quite intuitive, at least I thought it was. When you first introduce the key and you realize that it doesn't do nothing, the next thing to do is pull the key out just a little bit more and try again. The lock will open after a couple of tries like this. To close it again, just do the same movement backwards, while keeping the shackle down.

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Closing Comments:

The Broken Heart is a nice little lock, well designed and easy to solve. This easiness to open it is the only drawback that I have to point out though, because if you're an experienced puzzler, you won't feel challenged enough. Although, if you're a collector, it's a great acquisition for its original and unique appearance.


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