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Today, I bring you another cool puzzle from my favorite designer, Jean Claude Constantin. Eingeengt, which translated from German means "concentrated", is a fitting name for this unusual design. Can you "concentrate" enough to solve this one?

Eingeengt consists of only six pieces (hexominos - six unit pieces) that are trapped under a wired frame, which blocks most of the movements required to solve it. When you see the puzzle for the first time it's not solved. Your task is to remove the pieces one by one, in a sequence, and put them back in, but with the correct arrangement in a 6x6 square.

The design is simple, but very elegant. Four small metal bars are placed around a wooden base, long enough to hold the edge pieces in place. The pieces are carefully chosen with contrasting colors for a more pleasing visual effect, and even though it's a small puzzle, measuring about 10.5cm (4.1"), it feels heavy in your hand due to the high-quality wood used, especially the base.

The puzzle is not that hard to solve, but it's challenging enough to provide a good and satisfactory experience. The first step in solving it is to try and remove the pieces, and since it doesn't come already solved you don't need to worry about leaving it unsolved. When you have all pieces out of the frame it's best to try solving it outside the frame, because you don't have any constraints with how to place the pieces. You already know that the finished puzzle occupies 6x6 area, so when you finally accomplish this goal you just need to transfer the pieces back inside the frame.

The strategy for placing the pieces inside the frame is basically the same as removing them, only it's backwards. In order to be able to move all the pieces around, you need to place first the five edge pieces around the frame, followed by the sixth and last piece. This is pretty much a simple and easy task. The only part that should offer a little challenge is finding the correct six-piece arrangement, and even that is done within 10 minutes. By the way, I'm not sure how many different solutions are there, but I always ended up with the same layout no matter how hard I tried. It may actually have just one solution.

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Solution: Click here if you'd like to see the puzzle solved.

Closing Comments:

Another superb puzzle by Jean Claude Constantin. He managed to turn a simple hexomino packing puzzle into a highly original concept with brilliant execution, combining elements of sequential movement and assembly puzzles. If you're looking for a good packing puzzle give this one a try, and you won't regret it.

Availability: The Eingeengt puzzle is currently available at Sloyd.fi for €23.50.


Jean Claude Constantin - Official Website


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