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This week is dedicated to Jean Claude Constantin, and so I have another puzzle produced by him. The Triangle Box is an interesting and unusual 3D Packing Puzzle with 7 different pieces and, design-wise, it's a breath of fresh air from the all the squared boxes out there.

The Triangle Box's 7 pieces are stacked in three layers, which may difficult your task. I have in my collection this puzzle that features several of the same pieces, although it's only in 2D and much easier. The pieces themselves are a combination of two different shapes that are glued at different angles.

The design and quality of the puzzle is top-notch, just like any other Constantin's creations. I personally love the different color tones of the pieces contrasting with the beautiful reddish color of the box. The puzzle measures 11.5 x 11.5 x 6.5cm.

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Although the Triangle Box seems intimidating at first, it's actually a medium difficulty level. Sloyd, which is where the puzzle came from, classifies it as a level 3/6 and, from my experience, it's about right. The reason for the puzzle not being overly difficult may be that it has multiple solutions, although I can't prove this at the moment (maybe someone good with Burr Tools).

If you want to make the puzzle a little more challenging, just make sure to dump the pieces on the table rather than removing them one by one. If you're still able to solve it pretty fast, try to find a different solution from the one you already have - Remember that rotations don't count as a different solution.

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Closing Comments:

There are countless 3D Packing Puzzles out there, but Constantin's Triangle Box manages to stand out offering a different experience from the more common cubic-shaped puzzles. Being both a Constantin and Packing Puzzle aficionado, the Triangle Box is right up my alley - Highly recommended.

Availability: The Triangle Box came from Sloyd.fi, in Finland, and you can get a copy for €26.



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