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If proof was needed that Jean Claude Constantin has the most varied puzzle ideas you ever saw from a single designer, then the Marguerite is the perfect example. It has such a simple concept it's hard to believe why this hasn't been designed before.

The puzzle is very well made, from laser-cut wood and despite its large petal count, it's actually pretty light. The reason is because the type of wood used for laser-cutting is much less dense than regular wood. Manipulating the puzzle feels effortless and natural, and the movement is smooth. The dimensions are actually about the same as the common Daisy, with a diameter of 10cm (4"). It's indeed a very good representation of a Daisy (Marguerite in French).

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This Marguerite consists of five layers, each with three petals, for a total of 15 petals. Since each of the five layers move independently, the puzzle can be mixed up very easily. Each layer can also move freely in 360º. The hard part, as you might have guessed by now, is to get all the petals evenly spaced when viewed from the top.

Rated as a level 8/10, I was actually expecting a tougher challenge, but was able to solve it within five minutes. What makes the puzzle seem more complicated is that the petals in each layer have a distinct configuration from each other. In other words, the spacing between the three petals in each of the layers is always different, so you have to constantly keep moving the layers until a perfect Daisy is visible.

Closing Comments:

Marguerite is very cleverly designed and, for a supposedly hard puzzle, it's in fact pretty accessible to beginners. Constantin might be one of the best Packing Puzzle designers out there, but his designs and original ideas aren't, fortunately enough for us puzzlers, confined to that type of puzzles.

Availability: You can get a copy of the Marguerite Puzzle at PuzzleMaster for $14 CAD. If you think this is too easy for you, there's a harder variation of this puzzle available, the Sonnenblume. You can also browse other designs from Constantin here.



Himanshu said...

I just landed up on your site while trying to figure which puzzles interest me. I am amazed at the collection you've built. And as a reader, your blog is a great resource. Kudos mate. Keep puzzling.

Gabriel said...

Thank you for your kind words, Himanshu. I always try to diversify the puzzles that I write about, so you can always find something different at any time.

Puzzle Regards ;-)

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