The Captured Heart

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The Captured Heart is yet another nice wire puzzle from Sloyd, in Finland. It's manufactured in high quality 3mm nickel plated wire and are much easier to handle than the Tavern puzzles. The surface is smoother and the plating finish ensures that you won't have to worry about that characteristic metal smell in your hands.

The design is a little similar to another wire puzzle I had previously reviewed, the Heart Breaker, except this one is much trickier. One of the differences is that the Captured Heart has three parts, not two. The inclusion of a third part adds a much higher level of difficulty, but if you previously solved the easier version, you'll notice that the solving process is somewhat related between the two versions. The goal is, of course, to remove the heart shape from the wire frame.

The difficulty level is 3/5, and even though I had solved the Heart Breaker and had an idea of what the solution might look like, I was stumped for a while. I reckon it took me about 15 minutes to take the heart out of the frame and since the steps weren't done right after each other, it also took me another 10 minutes to fully understand how the solution worked. I noticed that the solution is also a little more complex than the Heart Breaker, with a couple of extra movements not as straightforward as you might expect.

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Closing Comments:

Overall, The Captured Heart is a very satisfying puzzle with a challenging solution for beginners and experienced puzzlers alike. It's a perfect puzzle to pass around to your friends and family and get them hooked.

Availability: You can buy The Captured Heart at Sloyd.fi for just €6.05.


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