Colour Match

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One of the things I like most about mechanical puzzles is the ability of making different patterns. I have many puzzles like these in my collection and they're among my favorites. What's great is that once you solve one of its challenges there's always something different to attempt. You're not constrained to just one solution. You can also use your creativity, your imagination.

Colour Match, designed by Jürgen Reiche and produced by Siebenstein-Spiele, is one of such puzzles described above. You don't get to freely move the pieces or pick them up, due to the sliding mechanism, but you can still create several different patterns. The descriptions I've seen around about it are a bit contradictory, so I'm not sure what the main goal is. But to be honest, does it really matter? I was able to make a few patterns and each one is equally challenging, so all you really need to do is to choose a pattern you like and try to recreate it with the disks.

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The puzzle consists of two handles that slide across the horizontal plane. Each handle carries four disks but it can hold a fifth one on either side at a time. Alternating between the two handles and shifting their positions you'll be able to create empty spaces along their length. At any given time you'll have two empty spaces at your disposal. Being able to create the correct sequence of movements will prove harder than it seems and it will require some time getting used to.

The patterns you choose can be anything from color or symbol. The disks are marked with either a star or a circle and there are four different colors, although the tones are harder to distinguish and more subtle between the dark and light colors. There are dozens of possible combinations of colors and symbols. For example, you can try to put all star symbols on the top row and the circles on the bottom; or you can try to put all darker colors on the bottom and the lighter colors on the top. If you want an easier challenge you can solve only by color without worrying too much about the order of the symbols, or do it the other way around and solve it only by symbols. As you can see, there are so many possibilities that you will be busy for a while.

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Closing Comments:

Colour Match is such a fantastic puzzle. The ability to solve it into many different patterns surely extends its longevity and gives a good bang for your buck. It's quite challenging, so it's definitely not for beginners. Nevertheless, if you appreciate puzzles with multiple solutions this is easily a good choice for you.

Availability: Colour Match is available at Sloyd for €17.80.


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