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Are you fascinated by all things Da Vinci? Do you like the feeling of searching for clues and decipher codes? Do you like to present your family and friends always with something unique and intriguing? Well, then the Puzzle Pod Cryptex might be the perfect choice for you. I've seen all kinds of puzzles that can store gifts inside: 3D Mazes, Puzzle Boxes, but this one is yet another interesting and fun way to surprise a loved one.

The Puzzle Pod is essentially a custom puzzle. In other words, you make the puzzle for someone with a key word and give them clues in order to unlock the pod. It's that simple, but quite ingenious and original. You can use it pretty much for any kind of gift or to keep other things locked from others. It also functions as a coin bank.

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The mechanism of the pod is very simple to understand and resetting to any 5-letter word you want, but a step by step guide is included with the puzzle. When you set the pod to a new word, it unlocks by aligning all five rings in the direction below the arrow (raised marker) at the base of the pod. Here lies the essence of the puzzle. It's up to you to create all the clues necessary for the other person to discover the secret word. You can set up a whole game of adventure around it. There's no limit to what your imagination can come up with.

Inside the pod, you can put any kind of object large enough to pass through the opening, which measures 7cm (2.76") and that isn't bigger than 19.7cm (7.76"). The pod is made from clear plastic, not actual glass. There is also another version of this puzzle for wine lovers, which locks a bottle of wine or liquor, although there are restrictions to the size of the bottle - most standard 750ml bottles will do.

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Closing Comments:

The Puzzle Pod Cryptex is a great way to get a gift to someone who has everything. It's an original way to get your friends and family involved and engaged in a fun activity, and make any special moment memorable.

Availability: The Puzzle Pod Cryptex is available at Brilliant Puzzles for $29.95 USD. You can also get the Vino Vault here.


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