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After having reviewed the first in the series of the Euro Falle puzzles, this time I concentrate my efforts toward the Euro Falle 02, a lovely trick puzzle with a hidden mechanism. Designed by the founder of Siebenstein-Spiele, Jürgen Reiche, this is yet another one of his genius creations, which I'm sure you're gonna love it.

Slightly bigger than its predecessor at 9.4cm x 4.3cm (3.7" x 1.7"), the Euro Falle 02 is still a tiny puzzle, but the challenge it will give you will be anything but that. Even though this is rated with the same difficulty as the first puzzle (7/10), I can definitely assure you that's not the case. It's at least a level above, which I'm sure you'll find out once you discover its solution.

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As mentioned in my previous review, there are at least six different designs for the Euro Falle puzzle, each with a different hidden mechanism that keeps a coin trapped inside. So far, this is only my second puzzle in the series, so the comparisons will have to be made with just the first one, which I already solved.

Design-wise, I prefer the Euro Falle 02, because it has a nicer overall appearance and shape. The difficulty has increased, but so has the elegance of the solution, which is among the best I've seen in any hidden mechanism, not just by a Siebenstein-Spiele puzzle. I really loved the solution. I discovered it by accident, just by inspecting it and fidgeting with it, which will happen naturally if you don't give up on it and keep insisting on studying every detail about it. It's such a clever design.

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Closing Comments:

Euro Falle 02 is a fantastic puzzle. At first sight it looks like nothing moves and it's impossible to remove the coin. However, the beauty lies in discovery and happy accidents (Bob Ross pun). I highly recommend this one, especially if you're into hidden mechanism puzzles. Bravo, Jürgen!

Availability: The Euro Falle 02 is temporarily out of stock at PuzzleMaster, but do check back again soon, as it will surely be back in stock in no time. In the meantime, you can browse other great designs and creations by Siebenstein-Spiele.


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