Eingeengt 2

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If packing puzzles weren't difficult already, there's another type of puzzles that promise to elevate the difficulty to much higher levels. These are called constrained packing puzzles and, like the name suggests, you are constrained by a limited number of moves as you try to pack the pieces inside the frame in a specific order. Eingeengt 2 is one for the courageous puzzle solver...

Eingeengt 2 was designed by Jean Claude Constantin and, as you might've guessed by now, this is the second design of this type. You can check out my review for that one from six years ago. Back then, I loved the idea and concept of the constrained puzzle, and this time it's no different. It's a really clever design, which defines what a great challenge should be.

The new design features seven pieces, one more than its predecessor, and a different way to constrain the pieces. The acrylic cover of the frame has a shape cut that only lets one piece at a time to be fitted, and even then, you must slide the already fitted pieces around so that it allows for the remaining pieces to be placed. The solution is sequential, and only a careful planned strategy will solve it.

The puzzle is rated as a level 8/10, like its predecessor, but to my experience this one is much more difficult to solve. It's at least a level 9/10, in my opinion. It has a higher number of moves and the one extra piece is enough to exponentially raise the overall difficulty.

Closing Comments:

Despite it's higher difficulty, Eingeengt 2 is a superb puzzle. It's not like many other packing puzzles where the solver attempts to solve it at random. There's a logic solution behind it that must be discovered, and that makes the puzzles quite fascinating. A must for experienced puzzlers.

Availability: Eigeengt 2 is available at PuzzleMaster for $18.99 CAD. Many other interesting puzzles from Constantin are available.


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