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No it's not a typo. That's the actual name of the puzzle as you can see in its original box.
The puzzle is made in Czech Republic and the H you see as the logo is for Hlavolam (Czech for teaser).

The puzzle is hard to explain and there's no information on the net about it (at least that I can find), so I'll just quote what it says on the little booklet that came with it:

"The brainteaser is based on the principle of the mirror effect and constructed of a set of revolving octahedrons and half-octahedrons. The brain-teaser is in a composed state, when, looking from a vertical point of view, you see the same color on both sides."

You can buy it at Milan's Puzzles. Also available in red. The seller is from the Czech Republic and is very trustworthy. At the time I'm writing this, he still has a few from each color.

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