Megaminx - Random Pick #1

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This is the first of  a weekly post that I make about a random puzzle from my collection.

This week its the Megaminx (a.k.a. Hungarian Supernova), one of my top 5 favorite puzzles. It was not invented by only one person, because several people invented it around the same time and no one can claim its exclusive rights. Belonging to the family of the Dodecahedron, this 12-sided puzzle has a mechanism similar to the Rubik's cube and also has the same difficulty level. 

The one pictured in this post is a Puzl 12 color Megaminx and can be used for speedsolve. It's very easy to turn and feels great to the touch. You can also make very nice patterns with it that will turn it into an even more aesthetically pleasing puzzle.

Also available from Puzzle Master.

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Jaap's Puzzle Page (Solution)


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