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The Svetnashki is a new puzzle from the Russian company Mif Predmet and it was invented by Vladimir Krasnoukhov. It's essentially a slide puzzle, but I can tell you, it's much more than that. The puzzle uses polarized filters to create a fantastic effect in its tiles, making them transparent or dark. 

The goal of the Svetnashki is to make the entire grid transparent or dark, but you can create all sorts of patterns. All of the patterns you can imagine to make in a 4x4 grid are possible, so it's up to your creativity...

The puzzle has a very pleasant and elegant design (unfortunately, the pictures don't make it justice) and it's this presentation that draws your attention and makes you want it. It's currently one of my favorite puzzles alongside the Qubami.

The Svetnashki is available in two sizes, 7cm (the one in the photos) and 10cm and cost $13 and $19 USD, respectively. They are now also available in Orange and Blue. ...Too bad for me, because at the time of my order, white was the only color available... I would have definitely ordered a blue one. Maybe next time...

Now also available at Puzzle Master

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