Star of David by Philippe Dubois

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Philippe Dubois from Israel has some of the coolest wooden puzzles designs I've seen recently. The Star of David (or Logo as Philippe calls it) shows very well his brilliant work.

The puzzle depicts the Jewish symbol "Shield of David" or "Magen David" and is formed by six identical pieces in the shape of a T. Each T piece is a combination of two rhombi and two parallelograms glued in 60º angles. To accentuate the appearance and presentation of the puzzle, a light and dark wood tones are used, making a simple and yet very beautiful contrast.

The goal is to find a way to separate the pieces and assemble it back to its hexagon star shape. The complete absence of 90º angles though, actually make the puzzle trickier than it looks, as it's harder to join the pieces in an unconventional way, by 60º angles.

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If you have already solved puzzles with coordinated motion, then this one will be no different and taking it apart will be an easy task. If you're unfamiliar with coordinated motion, think of it as simultaneous maneuvering of all pieces at the same time, with no sequential movements. However, the separating of the pieces is only part of the challenge. In my opinion, the hardest part is figuring out how the pieces can be joined together, which can be quite challenging to see when all the pieces are lying flat on a surface.

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After you've discovered the correct connection for two pieces, the other two pairs are joined in the exact same way. The final step is just a three piece interlocking coordinated motion, but if you were successful in separating them the first time, then it will be a simple process.

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The Star of David came from Brilliant Puzzles, which is the puzzle's manufacturer and you can buy it for $9.95 USD. A very reasonable price for this kind of puzzle.

Closing Comments:

The Star of David was a wonderful surprise. Besides the captivating design, the concept used by Philippe to recreate the design is highly creative and very well done, not to mention the striking contrasting effect, only possible by using different wood tones. Looks great on a coffee table. Definitely worth a try.



Unknown said...

Wow this is so cool! I love the design and the fact that it's made ​​of wood. It can be a great gift for children at this Independence. Thanks for sharing.

Perhaps I'll put this as a gift along with a special piece of jewelry like a Star of David.
star of David jewelry

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