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Puzzle Crafthouse is known for their wide selection of wooden mechanical puzzles, manufactured right at their shop in Florida, USA. But they also carry a large variety of trick puzzles or magic trick objects. These usually require at least a second person for the trick to actually work, as it's mostly a show and tell. The following puzzles are just three of such examples:

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The Magician's Shelf or Drawer Box is a classic example of making something disappear in front of someone's eyes. The trick consists of placing a small object, like a playing card or a dollar bill inside the box, and then close it and immediately reopen it. If done right, the object will have disappeared.

The box is very well made in light wood and measures about 12.5cm x 9cm x 2.3cm (4.92" x 3.54" x 0.91"). What makes the trick work so good is that even when one inspects it, it appears to be just an ordinary box. I won't go over much detail as to how the trick actually works, as it would spoil the fun, but you can see a video of it in its description page at Puzzle Crafthouse. What I can say is that it's very easy to learn and to perform.

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This next puzzle will make you turn into a mind reader. The goal is simple enough for anyone to try it - Just ask a friend to pick a number from 1 to 60, but don't let him say it out loud. Then, ask him to select the cards that contain the number he's thinking of and turn them over to you. After a few seconds, you will be able to guess the exact number he chose.

Each of the six wooden cards contain a selection of 29 or 30 laser engraved numbers on it, ranging from 1 through 60, in a 6x5 matrix. Some of the numbers will be repeated throughout the cards, and this is the key of the trick.

Based on a mathematical principle, the Mind Reader Cards trick is so simple that the only skill required is knowing how to do elemental adding.

Puzzle Crafthouse has a few versions of this puzzle. You can purchase the cards with the classic design of box and cover in two sizes, or more affordable, with just the cards. There are other versions with more numbers on the cards as well, like the 61 numbers version or the 125 numbers version. Plenty to choose from.

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The final trick puzzle is a classic, dating back to the colonial times. Also known as "GeeHaw Whimmy Diddle" and "Truth Stick", the trick consists of making the propeller turn in one direction by rubbing the notched stick and then, by saying a "magic word", you'll leave your audience amazed as you make the propeller turn in the opposite direction.

The previous puzzle was based on a mathematical principle and this one, to mix things up a little, is based on a physics principle. It took me a while to understand how it works, but when you see how it's done, it's actually very fun to do. When done right in front of someone, it's extremely difficult for them to see the real trick, because the required movement is very subtle. You can see a video on the puzzle's page to have a better idea on how it works.

Closing Comments:

... And there you have it. Three great examples on how to entertain your friends on a party or any other social gathering. If you're into this type of objects, I can highly recommend them and there's much more to choose from at Puzzle Crafthouse.

This will be my last review for a Puzzle Crafthouse puzzle for a while, but do stay tuned to their website, as they release new stuff very often. Until then, keep on puzzling!


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