The Triangle Tie

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Oy Sloyd Ab, or simply Sloyd, may be best known for their birch wood puzzles with a beautiful light tone. However, they also manufacture very nice metal puzzles that range from very easy to crazy difficult, and are also quite affordable. I have recently got several of these puzzles and will be reviewing them one by one in the coming weeks.

The first of such puzzles is The Triangle Tie, an easy one (level 1/5) ideal for those that are just starting to tackle these fiendish puzzles. It's also great to show it to your non-puzzler friends and get them interested in puzzling, since it's practically frustrating-free, unlike some of the harder ones that just make you want to pull your hair out.

The build quality of the puzzle is excellent, with a smooth and clean silver finish that will leave your hands smell-free after playing with it. The width of the wire is just 3mm, which makes it easier to manipulate and hold it in your hands.

The goal of The Triangle Tie, just like any other metal disentanglement puzzle, is to separate the two parts. In this case, you have to remove the "tie" from the triangle. To make your task seem a little tougher there are two rings in the triangle that will block most of your attempts to remove it. The ring at the bottom of the tie is the same size as the other two, so you can't just make it pass through any of those. Luckily, there's only a couple of steps you need to do in order to solve it. How you do them, that's up to you to figure out, but if you're used to this type of puzzles you shouldn't have that much of a challenge.

I was able to solve it within 5 minutes, although it took me a few more tries to really understand the two basic steps of the solving process. Once you know them, it can be solved within just a few seconds. There's no solution provided with the puzzle, but if you get really stuck you can easily get it free from Sloyd.

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Closing Comments:

As mentioned above, The Triangle Tie is the perfect candidate to getting started with metal puzzles. You might not notice it right away, but learning to solve these easier puzzles will come in handy when you're ready to move up on the difficulty level. I certainly noticed an improvement after a while, although you still need a fresh perspective every time, as each puzzle is slightly distinct from the previous one.

Availability: You can get The Triangle Tie at Sloyd for just €6.05.


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