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Another puzzle from the genius of Jean Claude Constantin, 3L is a perfect example of simple becoming complex. Not among his hardest puzzles - not even close - but probably the hardest 3-piece packing puzzle I've ever tried.

The design is a bit intriguing, since the tray is shaped like a horseshoe. Not sure what's the significance behind that choice. Also, if you look closely, there's three holes in the right part of the tray and four in the left. I'm probably over-thinking, but it does make you think if there's more to it than meets the eye... The colors chosen for the puzzle, as always, work like a charm giving the puzzle more character and elegance - There's a total of five different wood colors, including the three pieces.

The goal of the puzzle couldn't be simpler. You're given three different sized L-shaped pieces and a tray with an irregular area, and the object is to try and pack all the pieces. There's only one way to do it, and the pieces can't go over the edges. The dimensions of the pieces and the tray are just right to make you believe a certain arrangement is possible, but you always end up a millimeter or two short of packing that final piece.

The difficulty of the puzzle is rated at a level 7/10, and I reckon it's quite accurate. It's not so easy that you'll be able to solve it in a couple of minutes, but not throw-it-out-the-window difficult either. I've managed to solve it in about 15 minutes or so. The solution is not that obvious, but with a lot of trial-and-error - yes, I know that's not the ideal strategy - you'll eventually solve it as well. Just don't think in straight angles...

Solution: If you're stuck, click here to check out the solution.

Closing Comments:

3L is a fantastic puzzle. Constantin manages to create a simple and yet challenging puzzle that's perfect for anyone to try, even non-puzzlers. It's a good one for someone that usually doesn't get along with packing puzzles, since it's not frustratingly hard.

Availability: Unfortunately, the 3L puzzle is currently unavailable at PuzzleMaster. Check back often to see if it's back in stock, and in the meantime you can browse other great designs by Constantin.



George said...

Cool puzzle! Indeed, the horseshoe and number of holes are curious!

Reminds me of my puzzle "Lomino Cube 4"

Gabriel said...

Looks Cool. It's the 13L ;-)

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