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Zauberseil by Jean Claude Constantin is a deceptively difficult puzzle where the goal is to remove the rope from the metal frame. Made to look like a simple and easy to solve puzzle, this one is actually quite a difficult challenge, even for the most experienced.

The name Zauberseil means "Cotton Rope" in German - it's a rather fitting name, since the rope used here is made of cotton. As you can see, the rope is also much thicker than the usual string puzzles and less malleable, so it's a little harder to maneuver it. It's also shorter than other puzzles, but here it could be considered a good thing, because it's more difficult to create undesired knots. The frame is made of thick metal, so even if you apply some force it won't easily bend and deform the puzzle.

The Zauberseil is made of three metal parts, a large ring and two identical U-shaped pieces. These pieces are entangled together with the rope to form a devilishly difficult puzzle that will surely put your skills to the test. I believe only the rope can be freed from the puzzle, but it's possible that one of the U-shaped pieces could be removed as well.

The puzzle is, in my opinion, at least a difficulty level 9/10. I couldn't solve it yet, so I believe it's as difficult as they come. Judging by the nature and design of the puzzle, I suspect that the solution is only a couple of steps, but they surely are very well hidden under the apparent simplicity of it. If you like a good and near impossible challenge, then this is a perfect puzzle for you.

Closing Comments:

The Zauberseil by Jean Claude Constantin is not a puzzle for everybody. It can become extremely frustrating to solve if you don't have any previous experience with this type of puzzles. However, if you feel courageous enough, then solving it will provide a truly rewarding experience.

Availability: You can find the Zauberseil at PuzzleMaster for just $10.99 CAD. For more Constantin puzzles, click here.


Arne said...

Short correction: "Zauberseil" means magic rope, not cotton rope (that would be Baumwollseil).

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabriel,

Any luck yet? I've been trying this for months and then the other day while actually doing some work, but also playing with the puzzle without looking it (you know, fidgeting) somehow it fell apart. So, I kind of solved it but no idea what I did and no clue how to return it to its original state.

If you know how to solve it by now I'd love to learn how...


Gabriel said...


No, never managed to solve it. And I don't see a solution at PuzzleMaster either.
Maybe if you try to contact the designer and ask for the solution...

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