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Lattice, the last one in the anodized metal series by PuzzleMaster and designed by Jerry Loo. This time, I saved the best for last, which is to say, the hardest to last. It's a magnificent puzzle that should be played by anyone interested in puzzles.

Superbly presented in a beautiful chrome blue, the Lattice will surely capture the attention of even the most distracted. Consisting of just eight pieces, compared to the similar 12-piece Dirty Dozen, this puzzle is actually more difficult to solve, since the eight pieces are not identical like those in the Dirty Dozen. A true test to your solving skills.

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One of the coolest things about these puzzles is how they open (or stretch), so to speak, without having the pieces fall apart. You can clearly see how they interlock, but also carefully analyse where to remove the first pieces... At least in theory. In fact, it's not that easy to remove the first piece, since it involves a less straightforward movement than just sliding it off. After that, the rest of the puzzles can be disassembled pretty quickly without much effort.

As you may have guessed, the real challenge comes when you try to put the puzzle back together. Since you have different pieces this time, it's not as easy to assemble as the Dirty Dozen. You need some planning to see how to connect each piece, and in my case, some trial and error. Rated as a level 10, you should expect a great challenge, but also a fun one.

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Closing Comments:

Lattice is definitely a great puzzle that anyone should try. Even if it's difficult, the movement of the interlocking pieces is so satisfying that you'll want to play with it anyway. Still trying to put mine back together, but I'm in no rush, since it's fun to play with it.

Availability: The Lattice is available at PuzzleMaster for just $24.99 CAD. Check out the anodized series for more metal puzzling.


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