Rainbow Masterball - Random Pick #3

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This is the 3rd weekly Random Pick from My Collection.

This week, I present to you the Rainbow Masterball (a.k.a. Geomaster), an invention of Hungarian Dr. Geza Gyovai.

The puzzle consists in 8 segments (each with a different color) and 4 layers and belongs to the family of Twisty Polyhedra. This particular Masterball is one of the easiest versions to solve, not like the picture ones where you have a much harder challenge. 

Regarding its maneuvering, it's very pleasing to turn due to its "clicky mechanism" that tells you when the pieces are in place, which makes the whole experience with this puzzle much more satisfying.

Launched some 18 years ago, the puzzle has now dozens of color and picture versions. You can still buy some versions today (see links below), although much of them are now quite rare to find.


Puzzle Master (For sale)

Milan's Puzzles (For sale (scroll down))

Puzzle-Shop.de (For sale (click first link in right menu and scroll down to 'Ball Puzzles'))

Jaap's Puzzle Page (Solution)

Youtube Video


Unknown said...

Still have mine. Still haven't been able to solve it :P

Unknown said...

I know it is late since you send this comment but if you still cant solve yours and you would like to sell it... My dream is to find one original masterball so if you don't wan't yours anymore tell me

Anonymous said...

well i know its kinda late to reply but, i have a original rainbow masterball, also i have a black and white masterball if u want it u can email me : bushido.supply@gmail.com

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