Mona Lisa Codebreaker - Random Pick #2

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Weekly random pick #2 from my collection. This week I picked the Mona Lisa Codebreaker to make a post. 

Invented by Dave Nesis, the Codebreaker is a slide puzzle where you slide the tiles in place to make the image of Mona Lisa. Sounds simple, but don't be fooled... The puzzle is not so straightforward as it seems. 

There's a handle in the back that makes all 4 corners turn simultaneously and there's a system of rails in each corner piece that prevents sliding a tile in both vertically and horizontally at the same time. Instead, if you need to slide a tile horizontally, you have to push the handle and rotate it so that the rails can have the same orientation as the move you want to make. There's also an empty slot at the top for storing a tile, leaving you with 8 tiles to move around and solve the puzzle.

Its design is very original, adding a more challenging approach to the classic slide puzzle.

There's also available two alternative designs. Twisted Mind (with numbers) and Twisting Rings (with colored rings designed by Jaap Scherphuis).

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