Lucky Clover

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Lucky Clover is one of many masterpieces created by the great genius mind of Oskar van Deventer.

The puzzle is formed by four rings, two of them are golden and the other two are silver. The goal is very simple, separate the rings and then assemble them back to the original clover design. There's an alternative challenge, which is to form a set of handcuffs (see first bottom picture).

This is one the most difficult Entanglement puzzles I've seen. After you have removed the last ring which, by the way, is no easy task, the real challenge (torment) is now just beginning. Next, your most difficult challenge  will be putting the puzzle back together. I have to say, even with a solution sheet you'll be frustrated, because it's not a straightforward step by step solution. You have to understand how the pieces interact with each other in order to get the final rewarding achievement.

This puzzle was first presented at the 24th annual IPP and you can buy one at Puzzle Master (they also have a solution available for download).

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