Rubik's UFO - Random Pick #4

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Launched in 2001, the Rubik's UFO is a close relative of the older Rubik's Cheese but, a little more complex. It's also close to a Puck but, the differences here are a rotating center and twelve segments instead of six.
The mechanism is essentially the same, except that it adds one more layer, making the puzzle more challenging. There's six segments besides those two layers and you rotate three segments at a time in a vertical plane, while between layers you can only rotate them in the horizontal plane.

The puzzle is very attractive and great to look at, though it's a little hard to rotate the layers, because they have to be perfectly aligned. If you can solve a Puck or a Rubik's Cheese, you can for sure solve this one. Its colors make it pretty straightforward to work out a solution on your own.

There's another color version, dark gray and light gray, which was first released but, it's now rare to find one for sale.

You can still buy the genuine transparent green one at Popbuying for $19 USD with free worldwide shipping.

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Youtube Video

How to disassemble and reassemble

Solutions Hints Booklet


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